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David Byrne, Karayipler ve Afrika müziklerinden oluşan 'The Beautiful Shitholes' ismini verdiği bir playlist paylaştı

02 Şubat 2018 - 12:51

9 Mart’ta 'American Utopia' adlı yeni solo albümünü piyasaya sürecek olan David Byrne, kendi web sitesinden 'The Beautiful Shitholes' isimli bir playlist yayınladı.

Eski Talking Heads lideri, ABD Başkanı Trump’ın geçtiğmiz haftalarda "shithole" diye nitelediği Haiti, El Salvador ve Afrika ülkelerinden çıkan müziklerden oluşan seçkin bir playlist hazırladı. David Byrne’ün listesini buradan dinleyebilirsiniz. 

David Byrne’ün, 'The Beautiful Shitholes' playlist’i için paylaştığı notu:

"I assume I don’t have to explain where the shithole reference came from.

Here’s a playlist that gives just the smallest sample of the depth and range of creativity that continues to pour out of the countries in Africa and the Caribbean. It is undeniable. Can music help us empathize with its makers?

For me, Trump is not the issue. We know and have known for a long time that he is racist. That is a fact, borne out by plenty of evidence. It’s not news—we know what he is.

What is truly disturbing is the Republicans who go along with this person. Their behavior makes them complicit and the same as he is…exactly the same, no difference. Remember that come voting time.

The swells in Davos too—who are happy to get rich off Trump’s policies and are more than fine supporting a racist. None of them has risen to condemn his racism and to say that this man does not represent our values as human beings.

Got that off my chest, now maybe I can listen to some music."

David Byrne

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